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Moving again!

…well, not physically. Even the URL of this blog is going to remain the same.

But I’m moving from Wordpress to a statically generated site (I’m using Pelican).

Some months ago I decided to turn off the comments. I was receiving way too many spam comments, and way too few comments from readers. With the comments turned off, there is no longer anything dynamic about this site. What is the point of having it stored in a database and generated on the fly for each visitor? My web host (Dreamhost) even complained at some point a few years back when one of my posts became popular, I turned on a caching add-on in response. So now I have a complex Wordpress, with a complex caching mechanism added on, just to serve a couple of relatively simple pages… This makes no sense.

Pelican allows me to write in Markdown (which I’ve been doing a lot of in the last few years), allows me to tweak the theme locally on my computer, and I’ve even been able to use my new Python-Markdown plugin: mdx_math_svg, which creates SVG from LaTeX equations and embeds them into the output HTML.

Anyway, hopefully most links to this site will not break, but the RSS feed will stop, we’ll have an Atom feed instead. So if you have a feed reader pointing here, please come by in a few days and set it up again. Also, the email list will go away. You will no longer receive automated emails every time I post something. I’m not keeping the email list. Please use the Atom feed instead.

The one thing I’m still torn about is losing the comments. Some posts have some interesting comments under them. Oh, well, nothing is forever.