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ISMM 2013

We are going to be organizing the 11th conference in a series dedicated to Mathematical Morphology. This is the main conference in the field, and many of the ideas within Mathematical Morphology were first presented there. I can’t count the number of times the proceedings for this series is mentioned in the reference list of my papers! The first call for papers just went out, I’m copying it here for anyone interested. For more information, visit the ISMM 2013 website.

                              ISMM 2013
                     11th International Symposium
                      on Mathematical Morphology
                           May 27-29, 2013
                           Uppsala, Sweden

The  International Symposium  on  Mathematical Morphology  (ISMM)  has
established itself as the main scientific event  in  the  field.  This
edition of ISMM  will be the eleventh in the series  initiated in 1993
in Barcelona,  and has never been this far North before.  The goal  of
the  conference  is  to  bring  together  researchers,  students,  and
practitioners of  Mathematical Morphology,  to present and discuss new
advances in the field,  be they  purely  theoretical  developments  or
novel applications.

Proceedings will be published in Springer's  Lecture Notes in Computer
Science series.

Main topics of interest:

* Theory:   Morphology   on   complete  lattices   and   semilattices,
  Representation   of   morphological  operators,   Fuzzy  morphology,
  Connectivity theory, Connected operators, Morphology on graphs.
* Filtering:    Colour   and   multi-channel   morphology,    Geodesic
  transformations,  Adaptive morphology,  Attribute  filtering,  Image
* Segmentation:  Watershed  segmentation,  Hierarchical  segmentation,
  Colour  image  segmentation,  Texture  segmentation,  Clustering  of
  spatial data.
* Geometry and Topology:   Discrete  geometry,  Metrics  and  distance
  transforms, Random sets and geometrical probability, Shape analysis.
* Algorithms  and  Architectures:   Efficient  implementations,   Data
  structures for morphology, Performance evaluation of algorithms, GPU
* Related  methodology:    Level  set  methods,   Morphological  PDEs,
  Wavelets, Scale spaces.
* Applications:  Geoscience and  remote sensing,  Biomedical  imaging,
  Materials science, Data analysis, Document processing, Content-based
  information  retrieval,  Video  surveillance,   Industrial  control,
  Visualisation, etc.

Important dates:

Submission deadline:               December 9, 2012
Notification of acceptance:        February 8, 2013
Camera ready paper:                March 10, 2013
Conference:                        May 27-29, 2013

   Note: the submission deadline is final and will not be extended!

Organizing Committee:

Gunilla Borgefors, General Chair
Christer Kiselman, Invited Speakers' Chair and Advisor
Cris Luengo, Programme Chair
Robin Strand, Local Organisation Chair
Vlada Curic, Assistant


Ångström Laboratory of Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.