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Panoramic photograph stitching — again

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

In an earlier post, I described and implemented a method, that was published recently, to stitch together photographs from a panoramic set. In a comment this morning, Panda asked about the parameters that direct the region merging in the watershed that I used. This set me to think about how much region merging the watershed should do. The only limitation that I can think of, is that we need two regions: one touching the left image and one toughing the right. We can easily do this with a seeded watershed: we create two seeds, one at each end of the region where the stitch should be, and run a seeded watershed. This watershed will not create new regions. You should see it as a region growing algorithm, more than a watershed. However, the regions are grown according to the watershed algorithm: low grey values first. That insures that, when the two regions meet, it happens at a line with high grey values (a “ridge” in the grey-value landscape). The graph cut algorithm can now be left out: the region growing algorithm does everything.


Panoramic photograph stitching

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

I found the article “Fast image blending using watersheds and graph cuts,” by N. Gracias, M. Mahoor, S. Negahdaripour and A. Gleason (Image and Vision Computing 27(5):597-607, 2009) quite clever, and decided to try it out myself. Here’s a little demo and the code I wrote.